OwlVision GDSII Viewer - FAQ

What is GDSII ?

Why Do We Need OwlVision GDSII Viewer ?

  1. Commercial tools are very expensive.

  2. Commercial tools are not very easy to learn and use.

  3. Many commercial tools have strange user interfaces that are not very straightforward for people who are familiar with Windows applications nowadays.

  4. Commercial tools usually require special settings, such as license servers, environment variables, etc. A lot of maintenance efforts are required.

  5. Although open-source software, such as Magic, are free of charge, they are even harder to set up and learn than commercial tools.

  6. Without technology files, Magic VLSI Layout tool cannot be used to view GDSII layouts.

  7. Many free GDSII viewers can only be run on Windows, whereas very powerful computers are usually Unix or GNU/Linux.

  8. Java is a programming language which makes writing multi-threaded programs easier than many of other languages.

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last update: July 04, 2007